Maryland Seamstress

Alterations Price List


Bridal Gown Alteration 

Price List 

This are "average" prices only.  Your gown

may be more or less, depending on the fabric,

how it was made & the beadwork.


Satin gowns - Average hem price  is $85

Lace gowns are $125 if hemmed at bottom

ALL gowns needing raised at the waist is $125.

It costs $15 to adjust a crinoline skirt.


Take ins or Let outs at seams

under arms $80


Bra tuck to tighten bra area $60

I can sew bra cups in for $5 - you purchase!
I No longer purchase Bra Cups...

These can be found at target, kohls, sears & fabric stores.


American Bustle $45

French Bustle $55

German or AU bustle $55


Sleeves Added $40+

Sleeves or straps adjusted $25


Bead repair $25.


Corset added $110 ( this is if the gown

is way too tight, I can take the zipper 

out and put in a corset)


Gown steaming for bridal gowns is $45+


Bridal Gown Shawl Creation $25


My veils here are $40 and up, 

depending on style & length.



Brides Maid, Maid of Honor, 

& Moms Gown Alteration cost

Hems are $40+. 

Take in and let out under arm is $30-40

Simple Bra tuck is $25

Corset added is $45-65 

Strap or halter adjustment $15

Shawl creation $10 ( you supply fabric of  1 3/4 yards)

Shawl creation $25 I supply fabric.

I can sew bra cups in for $5 - you purchase!

These can be found at target, 

kohls, sears & fabric stores.

IF your gown come comes in my shop wrinkled, I do

charge $5-$10 to iron or steam press it.



Flower Girl Dresses

Hems $20+

Take in $20

Straps adjustment $10
( or is included in take in princing)

Shawls $10 ( I supply fabric)

It cost $10 to steam press flower girl dress.



Mens Suits

Pants Hem $10 

Suit jacket take in $30

Shirts can be taken in ($15) and regular

shirt can be changed to TUX collar for $15

It cost $5 to steam a shirt, per shirt.

It costs $5 to steam pants & jacket.

Sorry, I no longer create Ties.

Boys suits are same price as mens.