Services Available

Alterations & Clothing Repair Available

(24-48 hr Emergency services available for small fee)

Alterations of:

Bridal Gowns, brides maids gowns,

maid of honor gowns, prom gowns,

mother of the bride gowns, flower

girl dresses, mens & boys suits.

Other things I alter are:

bras, skirts, crenoline skirts, shirts,

pants, coats, childrens clothing.

I alter for the special sizes of all people.

I can alter maternity gowns

(contact me for info)

I do not alter casual clothing any longer...

See the pricing page for alteration pricing info.

All gowns dropped off are to be paid for in full

at the time of pick-up, in cash,

 regardless of wedding or other cancelations etc.

There is a cancelation fee of up to $50 per gown dress.

(If you gown alteration charge is less than $50, the

charge is then whatever I originally charged you.


I am more than willing to alter your gowns!!!.

If your gown has not been altered yet,

(as I go by wedding dates not when you dropped

your gown off) and there is a cancelation

in the wedding, please do not think that

a alteration order can just be canceled too.

Because I only take on soo

much work to stay on schedule,

I could have altered someone

elses wedding gowns, hense I could

have done thier wedding instead to earn income.

Please bring your gowns here knowing this,

as I wont tell everyone this at the time

you drop off your gowns, its just too busy.

And geez I hate to sound mean ( cause I am NOT)

yet this business is my source of income, so

I have to protect my interests.


Special things I Create Are:

Ring bearer pillows & bridal veils,

and garter belts, & mens

color cordinated ties....

Made to order 100% cotton Garment bags,

that fit the length of your gown, and its train!

 Baptimal or christening gowns

for a boy or girl or twins or triplets,

which can be sewn from your wedding gown!


Restorations & Re-creations

Beadwork & Embroidery available,

priced by the hr...while creating or altering




Other Services I offer are:

Gown cleaning & Gown Preservation (100% cotton bag included)

Gown steam pressing or iron pressing (depends on gown)

Sewing patches onto any garment, esp for the military.